Toroidal transformers function as our standard range of single-phase transformers. However, toroids have greater dimensional flexibility and can in general be designed to fit areas in which the width/height of standard transformers is a problem.

Toroids also have the advantage of greater electrical efficiency and lower noise emissions; as a result they are popular for use in audio equipment.

Unlike our standard transformers, toroids are limited to a maximum voltage of 660V and an output of 2kVA. However, within these constraints toroids can be very flexible, i.e. there is no limit to the number of windings and/or tappings that can be put into the units.

In general toroids are supplied with flying leads (length to customer requirements), however tag strips are available if desired. Fixings can be resin-cast in the inside diameter. A large range of fixings are available and we can modify arrangements to satisfy most requirements.

Our design engineers will be happy to quote you dimensions and prices on request. You can find our contact details here.

  • Voltage for Normal Mains Conditions
  • Outputs of up to 2kVA
  • Up to Class B temperatures
  • Instrument accuracies possible
  • Compact sizes
  • High efficiency, Low Noise