Resin-Cast Voltage Transformers

Construction: These units are double wound and vacuum cast as a single block. Terminations may be altered to suit customers' special needs. An epoxy resin system is used and all exposed material is rust-resistant.

Electrical: These units may be designed to operate up to 7.2kV working voltage. The VA/voltage will depend on mould availability. As we are constantly producing new moulds we are unable to completely demonstrate the range. Please contact us for further information.

Mechanical: Since fixing centres vary widely from manufacturer to manufacturer, it is not possible for ARW to predetermine and specify all possible requirements. Our construction is such that we can readily and economically supply units to your indivdual specification.

Construction: Three phase units are constructed in a similar manner to single phase, except that the three coils are cast together in a single block.

Electrical: As for the single phase units, the three phase versions may be operated up to 7.2kV. The moulds limit the VA / voltage available so contact our design department with your requirements and we will attempt to fit them into your required style.

Mechanical: Again we must stress that due to its great flexibility we can design a very large range of these units to suit your individual requirements for ratio, burden, terminations and fixing centres.